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We are the "7-days-a-week church",

an urban ministry center meeting the needs of

body, soul, spirit and mind.

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ABC10 San Diego Leadership Award


Charities & Non-Profits

Daily Support for the Body

The Support Center
is based upon meeting the needs in Matthew 25:35...


"I was hungry, thirsty, naked, sick, in prison and a stranger...

and you cared for me!"


Spiritual Care for the Soul

2021 Annual Report CMC_Stats.jpg

The Spiritual Center
is home to a dozen or more growing churches.

We are an ecumenical incubator for new congregations and home to several established ethnically diverse churches.  

Public Benefit Co-Work

Impacting social, cultural & environmental justice

The Impact Center
is an incubator for social entrepreneurs, offering shared work spaces and support for innovative startups seeking to improve the social, cultural and environmental issues .

2021 Annual Report

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