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About CMC

Christ Ministry Center (CMC) is an ecumenical, non-profit faith-based urban ministry center of The United Methodist Church (UMC) in San Diego, CA.

Christ United Methodist Church had its beginning in 1911. In June 2011, the California Pacific Conference of The United Methodist Church transferred the charter from Christ UMC to Christ Ministry Center. Dr. Bill Jenkins, who had served as pastor of Christ UMC for 12 years, retired from the pulpit and became Executive Director of CMC.


Christ Ministry Center is home to several diverse congregations who share worship and education space. These include churches of various denominations and with diverse ethnic, cultural and language backgrounds. Numerous non-profit and charitable organizations, some with world wide outreach, have offices at CMC.



The purpose of Christ United Methodist Ministry Center is to: 

  • provide a nurturing environment for worship, religious education and fellowship for religious congregations in the advancement of religion and ministry; 

  • provide a base of operations for charitable and community non-profit organizations engaged in public benefit ministries; especially relief of the poor, distressed and underprivileged; 

  • create and maintain a mechanism to harness the resources of existing non-profit charities and churches in the San Diego area which enables them more efficiency and effectiveness in helping the helpless. 


We achieve our purpose by offering a home for "homeless congregations" to worship and minister, and for public benefit charities to help the helpless.

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