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Emmanuel Evangelical Association

First United Brethren in Christ

Early Beginnings


(1911-1913) Evangelical Association and United Brethren in Christ


Christ United Methodist Ministry Center has roots in San Diego dating back over 100 years to two parent congregations that later merged in 1946.


The churches were Emmanuel Evangelical and First United Brethren in Christ.


Those congregations were from different Wesleyan denominations (Evangelical Association and United Brethren in Christ). Both formed in San Diego between 1911-1913. Each built their own church buildings and conducted worship, provided Christian education and engaged in missions and ministry for almost four decades.

First Evangelical United Brethren 

Now Christ United Methodist

(1946) First Evangelical United Brethren

In 1946, the two denominations merged to form the Evangelical United Brethren (EUB) Church. Realizing that it was no longer practical to have separate buildings, the two San Diego congregations sold their properties and bought a lot in the rapidly growing Normal Heights neighborhood at 33rd Street and Meade Avenue.


In 1951, the newly merged congregations completed construction on their first new unit and chose the name First Evangelical United Brethren (EUB) Church of San Diego. The second unit, a two story educational wing and social hall, was completed in 1957.


During this era, First Evangelical United Brethren Church of San Diego became the largest EUB congregation west of the Rocky Mountains. The EUB Southern California Conference conducted an Annual Conference here. 

(1968) Christ United Methodist Church

Merger again changed the course of First EUB Church in 1968, when the Evangelical United Brethren and Methodist Church merged to form the United Methodist Church. Once again, this congregation faced the challenges associated with denominational merger. Since the Methodist Church already had a congregation in Normal Heights, First EUB Church chose Christ United Methodist Church as their new name in 1970.

(2011) Christ United Methodist Ministry Center

Christ UMC continued operations until 2011, when the urban congregation could no longer remain self-supporting. However, in 2004, the congregation began making plans to form an urban ministry center that would share the large facilities with other congregations and convert the former classrooms into office space for charities. 

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