Words can "trump" us!

Holding a Haitian baby in my arms, I shed a few tears the other night. Such an innocent, trusting, loving child. Such hateful words had come from the mouth of a bigoted, hate-full, uncompassionate man. As a foster father to a child from one of Trump’s “s-hole” countries (and godfather to many more), an attack upon Haitians is an attack upon my family. ABC NEWS10 in San Diego asked if they could get my reaction and comments. “For two years, we have endured the sewage coming from this man’s mouth and heart, and I for one am tired of it,” was my reply. This is a cautionary tale that we must not overlook. Words can “trump” us. The president’s hate speech against Haiti reveals so much. Kellyann s

Another Holiday Miracle

We begin the New Year with another miracle. Last month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) asked if we would take an older man who is blind into our GateWAY Loft. Of course, we said “Yes”. But when he arrived, we learned that he is both blind and deaf! Communicating with him was nearly impossible. Jimmy Marcelin, who works with the immigrants in the Loft, looked at his phone and saw a contact in Los Angeles. He called and learned the contact was the man’s son who had been desperately trying to locate his father for a long time. The next day, the son came to CMC and was reunited with his Dad, whom he took back to LA with him. That is just one of many stories that occur nearly every day

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