A Little Child Shall Lead Them

The images of immigrant and refugee parents and children in this newsletter are from our GateWAY Loft shelter. These are real people, not “stock photos”. (Thanks, Keoni Cabral for taking many of these images.) I must speak out, for the children cannot. I’m damned tired of so-called “white evangelicals” saying they are “pro-life” when it comes to taking a baby from the mother’s womb but are perfectly OK with ripping that same baby from its mother’s arms. I am damned tired of the administration saying they will separate the children of “illegal” aliens from their parents as a deterrent for others trying to enter the United States. That word “illegal”, Mr. Sessions, is a smoke screen, bec

Good Neighbor Center

Debby Raysin (standing) has served for many years as the manager of Good Neighbor Center. Shirley Ferrill (seated) is one of GNC's longest serving volunteers. (San Diego) Rev. John Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of METRO Community Ministries (METRO) and Dr. Bill Jenkins, Executive Director of Christ United Methodist Ministry Center (CMC) announce that effective June 30, 2018, Good Neighbor Centers (GNC) management and operations will be transferred from METRO to CMC. Good Neighbor Centers provide food and clothing and create opportunities of hope for underserved populations in San Diego. GNC serves over 40,000 people annually from its two locations at Nestor United Methodist Church and CM

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